Monday, January 11, 2010

What's next?

For the last two years, we've been counting on the part time teaching contract that the hubs has had. We learned today that his contract will most likely disappear next year. I was surprised, yet not. We've been through this before and I think it gets easier. [I say that's only been 6 hours that I've known]

For all we know, minds could be changed. But maybe it's for the better. MAYBE there is a full time job out there for him. Maybe there is one for both of us. As we were having some good ol' quality time tonight, I thought I would look up this one place that I thought would be fun to work at. Apparently they have a position open! Who would have thought. It's not at all related to teaching, but I think it is something that I could really enjoy. Just need to put a resume and cover letter together that isn't filled with education stuff.

.praying if this is what I should do next.
..praying to continue to be calm and patient..
...praying to trust in Him and not be frustrated...



  1. Praying for you wisdom and peace for you guys Katy! Sounds exciting!! :)

  2. yay katy :) praying for open doors!



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