Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being Productive

I love the days where I wake up feeling lazy and unmotivated, but it turns into a day where I get lots done. I only wish I could wake up feeling more productive or motivated in the first place. Like today for instance: I probably would have spent all day sitting around had it not been that my to-do list was 'untouched' for a number of days and one of the items had a deadline that was quickly approaching. Well that and the dogs wouldn't let me alone--it's almost like they knew I should be doing something.

Here's to: creating part of this week's sunday school curriculum, mailing a return, exchanging items, grocery shopping [which is surprisingly difficult when you are looking for specific items and you are out of the grocery routine], cooking dinner, and getting a subbing job for tomorrow. 

On subbing: Every day I accept I become less enthusiastic about it, but I know that once I get there and get started it isn't so bad. [Praying that I have an increase in enthusiasm because God knows I have other things on my mind.]


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  1. if you get some enthusiasm...can I have some?



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