Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7th

1995 changed my life. Prior to this day I was an only child...for 9 years and 8 months. Then what I thought was soo absolutely fantastic, I had a little brother. Of course to me at this time I thought it was cool. Then he turned 6, 7, 11, and it wasn't so fabulous.

Anyway, I remember being woken up by my parents and I don't remember what they told me, except that I knew I had to go to my best friends' house. I spent the rest of the night at her house and even slid..okay fell down the stairs the next morning when I woke up. I must have been pretty excited [or still half asleep]. I of course wanted a sister. What almost 10 year old girl wouldn't want a sister? Turns out that around 11:00am, my little brother was born. I was so excited to meet him and hold him. After all, I had wanted to be a big sister for what seemed like forever [in a 9 yr olds mind..I'm sure it was forever}

Someone called the house to announce that I had a brother, Gregory Michael [I always had trouble spelling Michael]. Eventually my dad came to pick me up to visit my momma and brother in the hospital. I had no idea what it would really be like to have a brother and I don't think I would have believed it if anyone tried to tell me. When I saw him laying there  he was wrapped in a multitude of blankets because he had a low body temperature [i think] and he was crying. I stood there staring at him and I soon got to hold him. As I remember it, he almost immediately started crying when I held him. Of course I thought this was so perfect that he stopped crying for me, but in reality he probably would have stopped crying if ANYONE held him. 

After all, he had no idea who I was. 

  • He had no idea that in a few years I would be dressing him in a skirt and painting his toenails...
  • ...and he certainly had no idea he wouldn't know any better. 
  • He had no idea that I felt like a mom when I held him or tried to take care of him. 
  • He had no idea that his birth would eventually mean I got paid to babysit :). 
  • He had no idea that he would eventually tower over me [because HE got the TALL genes]. 
  • He had no idea how much I wanted to show him and teach him (because in my mind I was his 2nd mother)
  • He had no idea that we would play legos and games and I would let him win almost ALL the time, until I felt I should finally win just to keep him in his place. ;)
  • He had no idea that for years and years to come he would constantly be asked "is Katy your older sister?"
As we both got older, I thought about how cool it would be to be the cool, older sister. You know the one I'm talking not the one that buys him alcohol or cigarettes. Just the cool one that you can always go to and hang out with. The one that helps teach you how to drive. Yep, that cool one. Except that when I thought about him driving, I thought about how old I would be....25 going on 26! Yikes, I thought that was old. And now, here we are...a year away.
 He's 15, he's my BIG little brother, and despite how uncool he thinks I am and how much he can irritate me (as 15 yr olds purposely try to do), I'm still his BIG sister and I've still got big expectations for him.
So here's to you little brother---Happy 15th Birthday.


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