Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eryn's Present Surprise

Since we are safely past Christmas, I can finally share with you what I was working on the during the 2 weeks prior to Christmas. It is what my brother in law called 'lots of work' and 'more than he was envisioning'. BUT that's what you get when I get involved with an artsy or crafty project. Not to mention there wasn't a lot of work at the time.

So you might remember me sharing this with you. I was knee-deep in paper, numbers, glue, and completely focused on the task at hand.

With that, I proudly present to you...Eryn's Christmas Present. A countdown calendar that starts no, started on January 1st and counts down [of course] to their wedding [on June 12th!] To save you from counting that is 163 days? I think--I don't completely remember...let's just say a big number.

A page for each day. Some included pictures (taken by yours truly)...

...while others had personal notes tucked safely in cute little envelopes  
(to eliminate any desire to peek ahead)

And just in case you are at all curious it was about 5 inches thick! I think she likes it. After all getting little personal notes from your fiance that you haven't seen in 3 months and might not see for another 5 months is pretty special.


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