Friday, January 1, 2010

The 2000's

So it's a new decade. What happened to me last decade?

2000-went to high school

2001-September 11 (I was walking into U.S. History class--ironic no?) ...this year seems to be a blur

2002-Got my driver's license & started dating my husband!

2003-Graduated from High School-Hello! College Freshman-HELLO quad room!

2004-College Sophomore - My first dog was put to sleep 7.4.04

2005-College Junior-Lived with fun fun ladies

2006-College Senior-commuter---ENGAGED!---Yasha joined the family-I'm an aunt!

2007-Graduated from Millersville University---MARRIED!---1st Year Teacher

2008-Nittany joined our family

2009-Life changed completely--I'm an aunt again!

Can't believe how much has happened. I'm sure I'm forgetting things that I'll have to add later, but for now. So long 2000's...or whatever name you have for the decade since there isn't official name.


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