Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love, Love, Love

I LOVE my nieces. I spent Thursday afternoon with them. Well it was really more with my 3 yr old niece, since a newborn really requires more care from a mother than an aunt. The majority of our time together was running in circles. hahah. Who would have thought that just running around and around would be not just entertaining, but worth thousands of laughs and giggles. Sometimes we were running to the Disney party (as I think she called it) or playing hide and seek, or chasing [or being chased by] a dragon, or simply running into things...hahah. Imagination is boat loads of fun.

 Every time I'm with her, I try to snap some pictures. She however usually has something else in mind--like hiding her face. UNTIL I gave her a camera. She became the photographer and took TONS of pictures. Granted many were blurry because she moved the camera while pushing the button...but hey, even I do that now and then! Her favorite camera? an iphone..or as she calls it "the game camera" because she was also interested the other buttons she saw.

My niece + an iphone=adorableness
[note the death grip she has on it--no way she was going to give that up easily ;)]

and a photoshoot!
[I wasn't usually allowed to smile--had to make funny faces]

This was the first picture she took!


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