Monday, January 4, 2010

Not-Me Monday?!?!?

Thought I might try my hand at this. I first saw this on one of my dear friends' blog and it looked like fun. Although earlier when I actually decided to do it, I was feeling much more ambitious than I am right now. [however the hubs is watching some show on surfing, so yea..] here goes.

Ohh. AND if you aren't sure what this whole Not-Me Monday thing is about then check this out 
(the creator & rules)

I did not secretly hope that there were no subbing postings while checking AESOP.
I did not sit at home for multiple hours today playing Wii and watching a national geographic show on animals in the womb [kangaroos & sharks..and I did not learn a lot]-nooo that certainly was not me.
I did not apply to 2 more teaching position (HOORAY!) despite feeling hopeless about getting ZERO calls for interviews in the past 4 months.
I did not cook all weekend while the in-laws were 'vacationing' and I certainly did not enjoy it :)
I did not sleep until 9am when I planned on waking up by 8 to try to get back on that dreadful school schedule.
I did not read an article on exercising your dog's brain and I also did not attempt to teach Nittany "a retriever game." Ohh and it definitely did not turn into more of a game called "chasing my sister until she finds the football and then steal it from her"

**I do love finding new blogs to read and follow that will occupy my time**


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