Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas-fying: Step One

Recently, I've been saddened by the fact that our 'married' Christmas tree would be unused this year--well more to say that we don't have room for it this year. Luckily Walmart came through for me and provided me with a real tree for our tiny space: a Norfolk Pine.

 So I added a short strand of white lights and some mini blue, green, and silver ornaments. Complete with a silver star on top.

And our Charlie Brown Christmas tree was complete!!

Can't wait to put up the rest of the lights. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey here, turkey there, turkey turkey everywhere

I can officially say Thanksgiving is over. It wasn't just the eating of one meal and visiting with family on Thursday. No, no--as a married couple, our Thanksgiving last 3 or 4 days interspersed with Christmas preparation. Normally we would go to State College for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night, but because Greg was golfing (in the rain nonetheless!) we were unable to make it to dinner this year. So we packed up the car, dogs and all, and off we went to start the 3 hour drive to Woolrich, PA (it's about an hour from Williamsport).

Thanksgiving day was filled with a plethora of food that included turkey of course, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, extra large rolls, gravy, limas, and I'm sure other things I'm forgetting right now. But then came desserts--3 or 4 different kinds of pies and 3 different kinds of cookies. Not to mention a very wonderful Keurig machine to make hot chocolate or coffee instantly---mmmm. It isn't a holiday or family gathering with a game of Scrabble (which my hubby and I clearly won)

To fight the post-meal nap, we put up my grandmother's Christmas tree. Not to rush the holiday or anything--it was a lovely gesture that turned out to be quite fun with the other ladies in my family. The final product...

And no Thanksgiving is complete without an almost completely pointless trip to Walmart for Black Friday shopping. 3 years we've been going and this is the first year we actually bought something that was on sale---DVD's. (Benjamin Button & Dark Knight--$5) I've been sad the last couple of days thinking that we wouldn't be able to have our own tree here on the 3rd floor due to space. In comes Walmart to the rescue with an adorable Norfolk Island Pine that I am ecstatic to decorate with miniature ornaments and star that I also found at Walmart. Stay tuned for the before and after pictures

Our Thanksgiving was made complete and final with a trip to the Clark family Thanksgiving. With the annual BFL (backyard football league) kickoff at 1pm and dinner at 4:30, we concluded Thanksgiving with a potentially cracked & bruised ribs, some speed scrabble, great time with family and of course pumpkin pie.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (whoever you who are reading this is). And I hope you stop to think who you are thanking. My mother in law so graciously reminded me that people think of what they are thankful for but often times don't remember who they are thanking for it all.

Plus---here's a little flashback of last Thanksgiving. A walk down memory lane:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas can't be very far away...

Thanksgiving is here, literally--it's tomorrow. For me Thanksgiving has always been a time of hopping in the car and driving multiple hours to visit family. After the turkey is eaten and the tryptophan has worn off it means it's time for Black Friday shopping. My cousin, my brother and I were always left under the care of the men in the family while my mom, aunt, and grandmother hit the stores armed with their list--well at least 2 lists (my cousin's & my brother's). I truly must be the WORST Christmas list maker in the world. 

I mean sure--when I was younger I had least I remember circling almost every toy in the Toys'R'Us catalog, but then again that was when Santa (my Pappy) was calling me on Christmas Eve to make sure I was going to bed early. Since I've been a teenager, there have always been one or two things that would be "my list". This year is a whole different story.

I actually find myself asking my HUSBAND what I should put on my Christmas list--WHO does that? Now you might ask, why am I so worried about my list? Well, let me tell you. My grandmother asks for it at Thanksgiving even now...which means TOMORROW. I have always been the practical one--so naturally my list is pathetic. So pathetic my husband laughs. "Sheets? Who puts sheets on their Christmas list?" My reply: 1-they are expensive, 2-why not? hahahah Well I've wasted time from trying to come up with a list to write this post and now Greg is on his way home and I must leave to deliver my list. Here's to hoping I come up with some better things than slippers (which are a high priority on my list this year). :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November has come and is going...

Well it has indeed been quite awhile (I know a month is actually more than awhile). But regardless here I am. I've really been trying to work more lately. We've been busy around here lately. Last weekend Greg and I went to the Penn State football game with my family and this weekend was scheduled around the Philadelphia Marathon. No no, I was not running. Not a chance. Although sometimes I think I would like to try and run some kind of race like that to say that I did it--but I don't know if that will ever come to fruition. Anyway the day started early (3:45am) so that we could leave by 4:30 and arrive in Philly with enough time to park, walk to the start, and Greg could warm up. I on the other hand would consider it more of a 'cool down' time for me as I got cold quite quickly. I tried to occupy myself taking pictures, but my hands were too cold to want to do that so I only ended up with a few. These pictures tell the day quite well!

Greg's corral (black) and just a generally really cool flag. Although I will admit this picture was taken around 10am instead of 6:45 when I was actually standing next to it.

Greg REALLY near the finish. Mile 26 and just a tenth or two more to run. And yes, his face accurately represents how he is feeling...although I know mine would look much worse BUT he is STILL running.... [and so that you don't get confused he is the one on the right ;) heheh ]

3 hours, 24 minutes, and 4 seconds after crossing the starting line Greg is finished with his 26.2 miles. After much walking in pain we took our traditional 'after the race' picture. And he is still smiling.

"Was it worth it?" "Did you have fun?" "Do you think you'll do it again?" One answer...


It seems that I have many more of these in front of me. Aiming for 3hrs. 10 min. to qualify for the Boston Marathon. But that's okay. It was fun to watch the moms who are there with their kids supporting their husbands & dads....I just think to myself--someday (hopefully soon).

...and of course I am an immensely proud wife.  On to the next adventure--


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