Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Vet

Two words that we hate to hear (possibly more than the dogs...they like the car ride). Those two words usually cost hundreds of dollars. [sort of like getting your car fixed.] I love my dogs dearly and want to keep them healthy--but sheesh sometimes it's a lot. 

Like today for instance. I realized last night that in order to get Nittany shaved he needed to have an up to date rabies vaccination. And his--of course-- expired* or so I thought. So I thought that in an effort to vaccinate 2 dogs with one trip [kill 2 birds with one stone] I would take them both...at the same time. After enlisting some assistance from my mother-in-love, I set up an appointment and asked for an estimate to have a certain number of items done....

...at least $300 I was told. Now normally, it wouldn't be a HUGE deal, but for two people that moved into their in-laws house, lost a job, just barely making ends meet, and not buying any Christmas gifts...this was a HUGE deal. 

So it was my job to figure out which of all the OVERDUE** items should be done. I ended up taking Nittany to get his exam, rabies vaccine, and distemper (I was told by getting the distemper now, it would save us $60 later...I'm hoping this is true) 

by the way...how cute is he?

Soo until January/February...we are done. However when we get there--yikes! it could get ugly. Praying that God will continue to provide for us to make it through each month. So thankful for how He has provided for us throughout the last two and half years of our marriage.
*I found out AT the vet that the rabies didn't expire until the 29th of December, so we actually had some time. But to them--it was expired.

**I strongly believe they put OVERDUE in big bold letters on your receipt to make you feel like an awful puppy parent so that you will spend the money to get it done ASAP.


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  1. aww :( I seriously understand. We just took Mac to his annual appt and it was $190! what the crap!

    Dogs are pricey....

    but, I hear babies are more :) haha.

    As for that picture...that is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!



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