Friday, December 4, 2009

Ohh the weather outside is frightful...

It's getting to be that time of year in PA: winter and general coldness. So with the dropping of temperatures lately, here are the things I dislike about winter...

  1. Frost of my car in the morning (it takes longer to leave and as if I am already not cold enough I have to stand there and scrape my car)
  2. Getting out of a warm bed when the surrounding air is quite chilly.
  3. Cold bathrooms--This seems to be inevitable wherever I go. The bathroom is always coldest and of course that is where you need to get take off clothes to shower. (maybe someday I will have radiant floor heating...aaahhhhhh)
  4. Wind chill---need I say more. When it is bearable outside, the wind comes in and literally goes through every piece of clothing you are wearing. When it's really cold, it stings your face.
  5. Finding that a lot of my socks have holes in them. which leads to #6
  6. Constantly cold feet, nose, and fingers
But I have to give this winter guy some props because I do actually enjoy winter--at least some of the time.
  1. The first snow--or at least the first day it snows when everything is white (before the yucky plows and cars make it dirty)
  2. Cuddling up under blankets
  3. Drinking hot chocolate
I would write more but I'm cold and need to but on another layer---or wrap up in a blanket. hehe :)

AAAANNNND I REALLY hope it snows this weekend. That would be FABULOUS!

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