Sunday, December 6, 2009

The First Snowfall

The first snow is always anticipated and welcomed with open arms. Most likely because we haven't seen it or enjoyed it for since the end of last winter (February/March). But I can truly and honestly say that I haven't seen a snowfall as beautiful as this for a very long time. First of all I have to mention that Berks County, PA usually gets nothing compared to what they are forecasting so when they forecast 1-3 inches, we tend to get zero-nada snow. But yesterday to my surprise it started. Early in the storm it switch back and forth between a rainy snow and a heavy snow. We don't normally get heavy, wet (snowball snow) unless the rain comes after to dissolve it all away.

I was so excited to have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL drive to church this morning. Glad the hubs was driving so I could simply savor the splendor that we were driving through. The trees and woods that lined the roads all had branches coated with white while the sun began to glisten through branches and simply sparkle off the snowflakes and ice. The snow on the ground, was untouched by humans (maybe just a straw animal print here or there). It was so absolutely perfect. If it hadn't been a Sunday and I wouldn't have been on my way to church I would have had about 500 pictures to share with you. But instead, you are left with just some of what I got yesterday while it was snowing.
 Our view from atop

Beautiful, just beautiful.

What better winter combination could there be than Christmas lights and snow?

 The house decorations thus far...hopefully soon Greg (and I since his back is still injured from Thanksgiving) will be back out there to be the brightest house on the block.

 Stay tuned for more Christmas lights to come. Happy Winter Wonderland everyone!


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  1. I loved the snow yesterday! Honestly, it was the prettiest I've seen in a long time. This CHUNKY, beautiful BIG snowflakes! ahh :)

    I also admired the trees on the way to church!



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