Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stuck in a Rut

It's VERY obvious. I am stuck in a teaching rut. I've hit that point in the year (as I KNOW all teachers have) that it is time for a break. I truly did not want to work today. In fact I had convinced myself that I was not going to work...but then the phone rang. But not just once 3 times...then my mom called. Then I got a text. When schools are desperate for subs, they call...a lot. So luckily I got to teach art today. Soooo easy. Seriously. Had a blast. Even started my own art project. Maybe when it's done I'll post a picture.

Anyway, I still believe that if I had known my love & interest for art, just 1 or 2 years sooner I would probably be an art teacher today. Wow how my life would be different. I walk into an art room and feel at home. It never used to be that way, but now if I'm in one...I don't want to leave (unless it is to actually go home of course). It is such a comforting place.

So today, I thought of 10 reasons why I should be/should have become an art teacher: 
(in not particular order may I add, plus I know there are more but 10 seemed like a good number)

  1. It is most definitely more relaxing.
  2. The kids enjoy it..no usually they LOVE it.
  3. You can pick what you teach....or at least HOW you teach it.
  4. I could do projects forever and ever and ever.
  5. I'm that 'adventurous' or 'crazy' teacher that painted frequently with my 5 year olds and did other messy but FUN and engaging activities.
  6. Classroom teaching doesn't require very much creativity.
  7. I love all things that are colorful...
  8. ...have sharpie written on them...AND
  9. ...lets me use my hands to create something.
  10. It combines teaching with something else I love...what could be more perfect?
So in honor of #7...all things colorful...I leave you with this. [it's 2 loves in one: color & tissue paper]




  1. hahaha :) well...how about I quit and you come take my job? Sounds like their schedule where you taught might be pretty 'relaxing' because mine is INSANE...absolutely crazy. In fact, its made me dread school on some days b/c I hardly get to eat lunch. Its bad. My first job teaching art was AWESOME, and leisurely...seriously. This one is much different. 900 students is a lot to handle.

    But, I agree with you whole-heartedly on #10. I knew I wanted to teach, and I knew I loved art and creativity...thats how I combined the two.

    And I LOVE picking what I teach. I sometimes find a lesson a day before and then get really excited and start teaching it the next day. I like the flexibility.

    PS: We use sharpie ALL THE TIME and people can't fathom that I use sharpie with kindergarten, 1st...etc. We're obsessed with sharpie in my classroom ;) Practically half my budget is spent on the things!

  2. Go for it girl! I think you'd be a great art teacher!



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