Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She's Here!

Since Friday/Saturday I had high hopes..grand expectations if you will for this blog post.  I thought I could show you this way cool video of my brother-in-law playing his bagpipes in honor of his last day in PA. But I didn't have my camera (can't believe that!) and I can't even seem to track down a single video of him. So I will keep working on that....

BUT in other very exciting family news, our family welcomed my new niece into the world at 1:29pm on December 28, 2009...Danica Ruth. And simply because I am not totally sold on plastering pictures of children all over the internet, I shall give you just 1...or 2 because I'm in love with this little lady.

[Top: The Proud Papa, Grandpa, Nana & baby Danica)
[Bottom: Nana holding her 2nd granddaughter]
[Below: The hubs and I getting some practice in :) ...and lovin on our new niece]

Okay, Okay...I know it was 4, but what do you expect. Could you only put 1 picture up? 
Yea, I didn't think so. Being an aunt is awesome!


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