Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the season to give and receive...

Christmas Cards.

I start looking as soon as I see them. Naturally there are so very many that I like, uhh..no  scratch that...LOVE. Then it comes time to decide. Luckily I was born with an innate ability to talk myself out of things. Of course looking at prices helps--but sales do not. So when faced with the decision of buying customized cards (buy 50 get 25 free!) I almost caved...until I realized it would cost closer to $50.00 plus shipping. That my dear friends is NOT in the budget. Plus I don't think I would even need that many. My correspondence list is rather slim.

So off I went to my dear Photoshop program. Even looked back at last year's card so as to not do anything similar and yet simultaneously be inspired. (My how things have changed in a year)

 Still not inspired, I turned to pages and pages of other customizable cards. I am happy to report that I found an idea that I like and tried to replicate in a similar (not identical) pattern. And I am very happy with it...even ecstatic to get them sent out. The puppies had their "photo-shoot". I was going to get our picture tonight, but the hubby was putting up Christmas lights and re-injured/popped something in his back---so maybe tomorrow. As soon as that is all set, they will be signed, sealed, delivered. Can't wait to see the finished product! And not to mention getting your cards in the mail.

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