Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You, Me...and the tv

It was obvious from very early on in our friendship and relationship that I discovered my husband's LOVE for television. But in reality it's not the television that he LOVES per's what on the tv. AND I can guarantee that 92% [do you like that number? not 90 or 95...92!] 92% of the time it's sports. Sure there is a Seinfeld re-run from time to time or my all time personal favorites [please, please, please take note of sarcasm] Family Guy, the Simpsons, etc. I'm sorry if these are 2 of your favorite shows..actually no I'm not. They aren't all terrible I admit, but usually they are just stupid. We used to watch tv together: House, Las Vegas, Lie to Me, American Idol, Project Runway. But those days are gone. I'm about as much as a sports fan as the next girl...well maybe a little more.

See, [insert flashback whoosh here] I grew up in a sports house. Even though I'm the oldest, I grew up at the high school football stadium when my dad coached. As a little girl, I knew the football ref signals--my daddy was proud I'm sure. 

HOWEVER...there are those days-ohhh those days. When I just.can.not.takeit.anymore! I often mention how I wish we could watch tv together and this is what I get in return.
"Well I don't want to watch your shows and you don't care about sports." In fact his idea of compromise is this: "I'll just go watch sports somewhere else."

I thought that MAYBE the Olympics could be some solid compromised ground. Multiple different sports that may not always be exciting, but he gets sports and I get something that only happens once every 2 years.

Then nights like tonight happen. I come home and the US men's hockey team is playing Switzerland--okay cool it's the US and they win. But wait for it...wait for it...starting at 7pm there will be a miserable solid 5 hours [potential exaggeration-not completely sure, but it's a lot] of other countries hockey games.

I have NO PROBLEM watching sports or teams that I have some connection to. But 5 hours of hockey of other teams sports, just to see what happens? I think not.
Maybe someday, someday in the future we will be able to come up with a reasonable compromise that will have us...
watching tv...
at the same time...
sitting on the same piece of furniture...
and both being reasonable content. [sigh] off to find something to occupy myself with until I go to bed...
p.s. sometimes I think about what our life/marriage would be like without the tv...or cable to be specific.


  1. Ahh, TV. I don't know what my life would be like without it either. :)

    I have been reading some of your posts... How fun that you and I have sewing and teaching in common. And men who like to watch sports on TV! I am dreading baseball season starting...

  2. PS. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your dog photos!



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