Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can you call it a hobby if it stops?

I switch hobbies and interests way too often, which is one reason I wasn't sure if blogging would be good for me in the long run. I thought it might be something that comes and goes a month later. However I can say that it's a number of months later and I'm still here. One thing stays constant: my desire to be creative and create/make things. I love seeing the final products especially when they can then be used/worn/etc.

Last Spring I was into making Jewelry
In June I said Hello! digital scrapbooking--where have you been
June-August--jewelry & digital scrapbooking
September-ways to make money like Amazon Payments, designing blog backgrounds ohh and of course BLOGGING
October-Blogging remains, but everything is pushed to the side
November-January: hit a few blogging slumps, but I keep swimming
January: writing Children's Ministry curriculum & videos?!?! AND
February: here I am--blogging, making curriculum

but wait---what's this? [intro new hobby]


quilts, dresses, bags
you name it--I want to do it. I saw this AWESOME book on things you can make with 1 yd of fabric. YES! 1 yard. Can  you say Cheap-o?!? Now I'm on the hunt for fun things to make. and luckily its snowing outside so I've got lots of time on my hands. I think this idea secretly started because I thought about asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. Nothing too fancy, but one that will get the job done. I think my hesitation is that I'm afraid this hobby will come and go like all the others. Don't get me wrong, I still like to do all of the other things of the past year, but only really when there is a need or a purpose.

I can't wait to see what happens. I am itching to start stitching--okay okay I know lame, but it's 1am, the guys are playing PS3 and well I was a kindergarten teacher first and I like to rhyme. enough said!

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