Tuesday, February 16, 2010

waiting patiently...or trying to.

My hubby discovered his love for competitive racing as an adult around the time when we were getting married and moving. He already had a big large collection of those "one.size.fits.all" [aka way.too.big.for.him] shirts that runners get by participating in a race. Well when the reality hit that we would probably have many more of these shirts coming our way, we knew something HAD to happen. However we came from 2 different points of view. Let me explain:

to Him: They are memories. Cannot be parted with. No.matter.what. end of story. Even if they are just sitting in a box and they aren't seen by anyone. Mentally they push him farther. Where some may see successes, he sees failure because he could have done better. [fyi-it's taken me 5+ years to fully understand this]

to Her: Totally understandable memories. BUT why keep them in a box. I love pictures, but they aren't useful if I don't look at them frequently. A box, or two, or three of old unwearable shirts seems like a waste.of.space.

COMPROMISE: Make them into a t-shirt quilt (see picture below). However, as my husband puts it, Scottish blood runs thickly through his veins so he could NEVER EVER imagine spending 100s of dollars [yes multiple 100s, due to size] to get a blanket made. And there is where the challenge starts. I, being the wanna-be-domestic-goddess I am, decides to take this on. BUT before I can ever come near those precious shirts with scissors, I am told I need to practice and show that I am capable....fair point.

T-Shirt Quilt (For the hubby-but I must show ability before
taking scissors to his beloved shirts)
Sooo now, my sewing machine is on it's way, so I figured I should make a real list of things I would like to accomplish. So without any more rambling on my part, here we go. (in no particular order, may I add) 

Camera Strap Cover to spice up my camera
Cathedral Window Quilt

Belt or Headband

**This is the beginning of a list. I'm sure I KNOW more projects will be added as I uncover more amazing blogs and websites♥


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