Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lonely Saturday

Okay, so I wasn't totally alone today (since I do live with my in-laws) but my husband went to a men's retreat today. I am so excited for him. As I'm waiting for him to get home, I'm hoping and praying that he had a good great time with "the guys". Most of our friends from high school moved away or simply lots touch. Since he was a commuter (1 hr both ways), he didn't really make "friends that you want to hang out with" friends and my friends ALL live at least an hour away. After all, if you know anything about him, he is NOT the social person in this relationship---that's me. 

It's hard for us in the church at times, because it is small and we are pretty much the only 20-somethings (other than my brother in law & one or two of his friends). We are certainly the youngest married couple in the church. That being said, I have NO PROBLEM talking with, or hanging out with the other women or couples...but let's face reality here for a moment. They are in a totally different stage of life---kids. Well not just kids, but having multiple kids that are 5yrs+. 

Now I completely forgot where I was going with this. ohhh yes, my husband & today! ha.
Well, I still don't quite remember what I was going to say. So I'm going to stop rambling and leave you with this. I started my first sewing project today--and finished it!
My first, finished product. My camera has been updated. Now what to do next.


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