Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Post for My Thoughts

There is very and I mean VERY little for me to write as of late as there is next to nothing going down in these parts. I mean I could tell you about the 2 snow days we had from nothing more than a dusting of snow, but that wasn't even worth photographing. I could tell you about how despite the fact I LOVE SNOW, I think AM ready for spring and warmer weather that doesn't include blistering cold wind that freezes my nose, ears, and fingers instantly. I could tell you about how this morning the mister and I volunteered at a local food pantry for residents in our area who have tight money issues and can't always afford to buy the necessities. I could also tell you that while we were there we were shown the qualifications for certain family sizes and we quickly realized that the only thing that makes us not qualify is that the he is a cross country and track coach--hello reality. that was an eye opener. I could also tell you that even though February is the shortest month of the year, it feels like it just.keeps.going! One last thing I could tell you is that I've started working out with the mister. He would LOVE for me to be bale to run a race with him someday and I would LOVE to be able to feel better about myself and have some of my clothes be a wee bit less tight. I tell my hubby that I was skinny when we got married--so living with him is the problem! ☺ (not saying that I've put on a ton of weight...just rounded out and filled in some places I'd rather not have)

I think the biggest thing going on right now is a process of mental thoughts I'm having. See about a month ago I got a physical to become a substitute teacher in a local school district (not my idea--but the mister really really really wanted me to). While there I just about failed my eye test. Turns out I can't really see things far away. Hello-glasses...soon. Well I came home only to find out that Greg has glasses for exactly that purpose. SOOOO I tried them on and WOW!! There is a crisp clear world out there that I thought I was already seeing. Now all I think about is "can I read that" or "should I be able to read that" or "I wonder how long it takes for me to read that". I'm hoping I can stop thinking this soon. It's starting to get a little annoying. hahah

Anyway, I bought some new fabric on Thursday. My plan (I think) includes a skirt to start.
The top is a deep purple and the bottom is blue, red, & white.


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  1. Love the bottom fabric! That will be an awesome skirt!



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