Sunday, February 21, 2010


are great when they work...

Last Thursday or so, my husbands computer fell quickly and painfully to a virus. He had software on it, but when we moved it no longer worked [this little piece of information we did not know]. So in the process of trying to find someone to fix it for cheap, he's been using my old dear college laptop, that was already dieing a slow death last year.

For now it seems like it's been holding up quite well...until today. My husband came home from work and found what????

ohh yes, if you guessed virus you are correct. Actually it is more like malware pretending that there are viruses. We knew enough not to click on it, but now comes time to trust the internet to give us the CORRECT methods to get rid of it and not make it worse

I did my research, found something that looked like it was appropriate, then did more research to make sure what I found was legit, safe, and not a virus or more malware. It really irritates me that people are so lazy [yet so smart] that they choose to live their lives by tricking people into malware, viruses, and fake programs to buy.

So my night will be filled I'm sure with computer fixing. Hopefully it goes well tonight, so that tomorrow I can find someone who can fix Greg's computer cheap...real cheap.

I love my husband dearly, but one can only wonder what he's doing on that computer...hahah. ;) He is one unlucky guy in the computer department as of late. check engine light came back on...won.der.ful

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