Thursday, April 29, 2010


I had 10 pictures that I wanted to share with you from the last half marathon Greg ran a few weeks ago, but somehow in the process of me thinking I know how to use lightroom, I lost them. I have no idea where they were exported to. So I have to solve that problem before I share any with you. This instead is a post of pictures for the You Capture theme of Spring. Plus I'm really excited for the warmer weather we are about to get.

...thinking spring...



  1. Oh I did a double-take on the photo of the little girl in the dress! I took photos of my little girl this week that are so similar - similar dress, similar curly hair, same hair color.

    I LOVE the perspective on the white flowers. And the lilacs and pink blooms are gorgeous!

  2. Katy! Those pictures are glorious. I am laughing about the pictures you lost. Not really laughing...but knowing that I would do the SAME exact thing if I had lightroom! I lose everything.

  3. Beautiful photos, Katy!!! I just want to snuggle with your dogs whenever I see their sweet pictures and the flower pics are gorgeous!

    PS - Left you an award on my blog the other day. :) Happy Friday!



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