Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Regret & Non-Wordless Wednesday

Days ago...okay weeks ago. A month is probably more accurate, I was literally at 90 posts and I was so excited to simply meet 100 posts. Here I am. Writing post 99. Very upset with myself that I was literally unable to continue for the past month. Sooo hopefully I shall do better in the next week and months to come. Today was a VERRY slow day at Ritas. With the temps in the low 60s here, with practically complete cloud cover and rain, I had 4 customers--so I had lots of time to think.

In past years, I've tried to read the Bible in a year. Seems like it's something I could do, but within the first few months I fell behind. Normally one would just try to catch up, but I didn't. So I don't remember if it happened yesterday or today, but I thought I would try it to read the Bible from cover to cover, beginning to end, in 90 days. I know, I know I could be crazy. But hear me out. It's a shorter goal. More reading to do at a time, BUT less time to fall off schedule. Plus it gives you 2 days of non-reading. I was happy to find a schedule online for FREE so I don't actually have to buy the book. I could have made up my own schedule, but I like when it's someone else's list to follow. It seems more--important.

I hope to post a little bit each day on my thoughts on what I've read. If your up for joining me I'd love the extra support and company. :D  And of course I'll throw in some other stuff along the way. **In the back of my head I'm thinking of my next sewing project to embark on--I'm thinking something for my nieces.

Here's a little picture from the race this past weekend. I loved the contrast and the fact that the building was super weathered from being on the New Jersey oceanfront for 70-80 years.


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