Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Letters & Day 1

Dear Misto Lady,
I know you really like your mistos on random days after you eat your lunch, but for one you could be a little friendlier and two I know it's you leaving your straw trash 2 feet from the trash can on our counter and on the ground today. Could you please consider picking up after yourself. After all you are a grown up and even though it's my job to keep the place doesn't necessarily mean you should litter.
Irritated Ritas Manager

Dear Mystery Shopper,
First of all I want to say thank you for giving me my complete 100%. I've truly been worried about you. Asking myself all sorts of questions. What if you don't let me offer a sample? What if I can't easily offer you any add-ons? However, I do want to say that I know I usually look younger than I am...but 17?? Hmm. I'm sure I'll appreciate looking younger someday, but for now I would have preferred the early 20s at least.
A slightly happier Rita's manager

Dear Jetta,
You really are a great little car. Even if sometimes I say things that sounds mean when all your little lights blink at me and beep at me. Deep down inside I really do love you. (Although sometimes I do wish you were taller. You know to make up for my lack of height). I'm glad your feeling better and that you didn't cost us the remainder of our income for the next few months.
Hugs & Kisses,
Your Driver

Dear Extended Warranty,
First I would like to apologize. Really I am sorry I was so frustrated with you for the past 2 years. But can you blame me? We paid a lot for you considering our current position and you never covered anything. I suppose you knew all along you would come in handy. Today you showed your true worth. You showed that catalytic converter and it's labor who is boss. I even did a little dance leaving the shop because of you--who does that?!?
A Very Pleased and Apologetic Wife (and her hubby)

Dear School Districts,
We are awaiting your call. Seriously. Any day now. I know it may seem early to you, but you know "The early bird gets the worm". {We are the worms, you're the bird...better eat us up before some other bird gets to us}
2 Teachers slightly tired of living in the Unknown

Now onto my 90 Day Bible. Today was seriously a crazy day. My car went in to get inspected so I had to be driven to work and get picked up by my hubby. So that extended the day. We were supposed to go to small group but didn't make it because we had to pick up my car and we got stuck in construction traffic. When we finally got home I realized that I had yet to read my Bible for Day 1. 

Seriously? I can't fail yet. I haven't even started. I even began to justify myself that I've read Genesis plenty of times. But even I know that's a terrible excuse. So while the boys were watching a mish-mash of Phillies, Flyers, and the NFL Draft, I pulled out my Bible and dug in. 16 chapters later, I'm glad I did it. Creation, Adam & Eve, The Fall, Cain and Abel, Noah & The Flood, The Sons of Noah, Tower of Babel, Abram, Lot, and finally Hagar and Ishmael. I thought about reading more tonight, but I want to make sure I HAVE to read tomorrow. I told Greg about my "plan". His response wasn't quite what I had thought. I thought maybe he'd join in. His comment..."Isn't that just reading, for reading's sake?" Ohhh well. I'm going on my own. Maybe he'll join me sooner or later. (even if it does take me longer than 90 days)

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  1. I like your letters :)

    And way to go on the reading!!



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