Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've lived in this place for pretty much my entire life. All but maybe a year. [unless you include college, but I came home FREQUENTLY]. I was never a teenager that hated living here because it was boring. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Sure there aren't a ton of things other than grocery stores, Kmart, gas stations within 5 minutes..but it's what lays just outside. 
I'm talking about...
being within a reasonable drive to philly or a beach, or Ikea ☺
being able to count 3 or 4 movie theaters 
[that you could use if you go to the movies-unlike us]
A plethora of decent shopping areas that include a Target, a Walmart, 2 malls, 2 outlets, and just about 
most stores an average person could ask for.
and then you have our families. It's safe to say I've always been a family girl. I enjoy being near them. I love that since I've been married I've never had to take a trip to visit my parents or my in-laws. You can just drop in, and yet they are still excited to see you!
I would miss all of this. But I think I have finally hit that point where I wouldn't mind am up for a move. To venture out into a new place with my *family*-the mister and the pups.
I've never pictured myself as being a *city girl* but even that seems fun and interesting and exciting right now. Who knows what's drawing me to this. Maybe it's just the fact that we would be on our own again-living how married people are supposed to be living---on.their.own. Or maybe it's because I know in order to move at least one of us would have an adequate job. I know however I am tired.completely DONE with subbing. I hate it.
I will say however not all places sound appealing to me [I'm sorry if you live in one of them]:
Missouri, the Midwest states [I couldn't imagine living surrounded by land for thousands of miles], Ho Chi Minh City--places like that. 

I am just.so.ready. to know where we will be in August/September--and hoping, praying, that it's somewhere else. Since we thought at first that this move would be temporary, we quickly realized it would be longer. We've been here for more than 6 months. The part that has to be the hardest is that it feels as though we are moving backwards--not forwards, not even floating in place---backwards. And that is NOT a pleasant feeling.


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