Monday, March 15, 2010

2 Days?!?!?

Really? Is that even possible...that it's been 2 days since my last post? I feel like I wrote that last one earlier this morning. Yesterday--ohh that's right it was Sunday. Here's how my day broke down.
7:00am-alarm goes off, turn off [notice, not even a snooze]
7:15am-Greg's alarm goes off, turned off [again, no snooze]
7:30am-should probably shower, roll out of bed
8:30am-arrive at church
11:35am-leave church head to Granddad's
12:00noon-lunch with family @ Granddad's
2:30pm-continue to visit with family
3:30pm-leave for Rita's day 2
4:00pm-start shift
10:00pm-end shift and brain-mushing [aka trying to learn more things when you can't comprehend what you already know]
10:30pm-arrive home, realize that the house is getting new windows tomorrow and one room should be cleared--clear everything in front of the windows and smush it all into a temporary home.
11:30pm-in bed
Now today was my first day working all by myself. I think that the hardest thing about a new job is knowing that there are bound to be things you learn just by doing it. Like today, I learned that Lemon Ice is actually called Alex's Lemonade, simply but very important. I also learned that sugar free cherry ice is juicy, so when you are pumping it every 30 minutes close your eyes and prepare to be splattered--or pump carefully, but still close your eyes just in case.

Greg is there as we speak, and I'm worried because I know he is crazy stressed and crazy overwhelmed and has very little to no prior experience working a register and dealing with situations that you come across there. Me? I have a little. So tonight, from 4pm when I left there until he gets home, or I hear from him, I'm going to be praying for him to have a smooth uneventful evening. Please God....make it smooth and bearable---without a migraine.

**also I want to apologize for any and all grammatical errors or typos that may have made this message difficult to read. I was going to do a Not Me Monday, but just couldn't muster the creative juices.

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