Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not today

I've decided to hold off on the big news for a few more days. I want to think of a way to share it with you. So instead I'm going to share something else that I've just recently discovered. First the back story:

Somehow a few years ago, Greg ended up with this subscription service unknowingly to a TON of magazines. The plus side is that he got a lot of sport ones, but I ended up getting to benefit from a Better Homes and Gardens subscription. I braced myself because I expected it to end after the first year, but they have just kept coming. So this past weekend, I was sitting on the porch on a beautiful (albeit hot) spring June day complete with a breeze and a mint tea...mmm. Anyway, I was reading through the magazine I had just gotten and they had a whole section on where to find deals. This, of course, caught my eye. I started perusing the lists and descriptions and came across one that tickled my fancy.

Here's their description:
"At One Kings Lane, we believe that living (and giving) well is more than just a fantasy. That’s why we bring the world's best designer d├ęcor and home essentials, entertaining and travel needs, fantastic gift selections and more to our members – at up to 70% off retail."
Now I know as much as the next person that it won't always be 70% off and even at that discount could still be well out of my price range even if it is "designer". But I signed up (for free) and started looking. I instantly fell in love. Every day they offer different new deals. The first day I fell head over heals in love with Love Plates:
But of course, not only were they out of my price range at $45 a piece, but they were thankfully sold out so I didn't have to worry about the price anyway. phew! :) Anyway, I've been semi-dilligent in checking back for new deals and on Tuesday I found this:
A 14-piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil set for $19.00. They also have bamboo cutting boards, 2 for $10!! I almost got them too, but the hubster talked me into a trip to Ikea instead. Boy does he know a way to this girl's heart. So I totally recommend you sign fact I would really love to send you an invite so that I can get a $25.00 credit or just tell them that Katy Linsky sent you ;)


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  1. I am very intrigued by your big news... jobs, house, baby??



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