Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Time

for my big announcement

I know, technically this announcement should have come last week.
Please accept my apology because I only waited so I could have at least one picture to give to you. However, I'm still not going to make it that easy. I figured that I would do another What is it? and let you guess. So I know it's been awhile...too long in fact, still I ask that you at least humor me and guess...maybe?!?



P.S. If you would like to join in, link up with yours. Plus you can add this linky tool to your post too. (I made it a BlogHop)


  1. I am really wanting to know your news! I have no guesses for the picture... it looks a bit like a craft? Are you opening an Etsy store? Or maybe I should just stick with my original guesses... baby, house, new job?

  2. I am thinking it looks like peas... peas in a pod? Did you plant a garden? First peas of the season? Haha

  3. looks like peas...people call baby's a sweet pea....or a pea in a pod sounds like a baby...? Again, I think you're pregnant. If you are...kinda bummed I'm hearing it this way.



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