Saturday, May 8, 2010

Planning means...

making decisions and sticking to them. For the indecisive girl in me, this can be hard. In this case, I'm not indecisive because I don't know what to pick, it's because I want it to be ahh-mazing. You may be thinking what am I talking about.
Well, I'm planning a bridal shower, for my future sister-in-love...Eryn. She's from California and while she is here to visit before the wedding, we have planned..uhh are planning a shower. From the time we set the date to the time we had to send out invitations was less than 2 days. So I didn't have a ton of time to second guess or think "is there something better?" This is the invitation I ended up with.
Yes it seems empty because I deleted all the "" information.
Now I'm thinking of food & decorations...mainly decorations. Since we have a potential of OVER 50 PEOPLE I'm waiting until closer to the RSVP date to think more in depth about food. So that leaves decorations..which means colors. I thought at first I could stay with the colors of the invitation, but I don't know if that's the best choice. Sooo, I need your help. I've put together some options and I'm asking pretty pretty please help me choose!

p.s. I know there are a lot. But I got caught up in playing with Adobe's Kuler program. Not to mention all the themes everyone else came up with already.

Like I said....HELP!! please :) If you have an idea, feel free to leave it. Maybe I'll send you a favor for helping! (once I figure out what they will be...HA!)


  1. What a cute invitation! You are so creative! Unfortunately, my expertise is in baby showers, so I dont have many ideas for you now... but I will keep thinking!

  2. I like 2 and 4 if that helps at all :)

  3. LOVE #1 - the second one is also pretty :)



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