Saturday, October 9, 2010

October's First Adventure

Let me start by saying the first time I ever went camping was in the SNOW.  I really had no idea what I was about to be doing.
Am I going to be cold?
What will we eat?
Are there going to be bears?
and of course...I'm a girl so I asked...
 please don't laugh
Where/How do I pee?

My family growing up never went camping. My husband on the other hand was in boy scouts. He camped lots more than me. So I was asked a few days ago if I wanted to go camping again. Sure, why not. I survived in winter, I can do the fall. 

This time was MUCH different. How?? Well where do I start.
Weather: Snowy, icy vs. clear sky, dry
Temperature: 20's/Teens vs. 40s/50s
Experience: First Time vs. Second Time
Others: Me & 2 guys vs. Me, 2 guys & my SIL

I will leave you with these pictures.


It was a BEAUTIFUL day/night to be outdoors sitting by a fire. (Even though I remember being awake a lot during the night, I must have slept enough that I'm not crazy tired right now)

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