Sunday, November 22, 2009

November has come and is going...

Well it has indeed been quite awhile (I know a month is actually more than awhile). But regardless here I am. I've really been trying to work more lately. We've been busy around here lately. Last weekend Greg and I went to the Penn State football game with my family and this weekend was scheduled around the Philadelphia Marathon. No no, I was not running. Not a chance. Although sometimes I think I would like to try and run some kind of race like that to say that I did it--but I don't know if that will ever come to fruition. Anyway the day started early (3:45am) so that we could leave by 4:30 and arrive in Philly with enough time to park, walk to the start, and Greg could warm up. I on the other hand would consider it more of a 'cool down' time for me as I got cold quite quickly. I tried to occupy myself taking pictures, but my hands were too cold to want to do that so I only ended up with a few. These pictures tell the day quite well!

Greg's corral (black) and just a generally really cool flag. Although I will admit this picture was taken around 10am instead of 6:45 when I was actually standing next to it.

Greg REALLY near the finish. Mile 26 and just a tenth or two more to run. And yes, his face accurately represents how he is feeling...although I know mine would look much worse BUT he is STILL running.... [and so that you don't get confused he is the one on the right ;) heheh ]

3 hours, 24 minutes, and 4 seconds after crossing the starting line Greg is finished with his 26.2 miles. After much walking in pain we took our traditional 'after the race' picture. And he is still smiling.

"Was it worth it?" "Did you have fun?" "Do you think you'll do it again?" One answer...


It seems that I have many more of these in front of me. Aiming for 3hrs. 10 min. to qualify for the Boston Marathon. But that's okay. It was fun to watch the moms who are there with their kids supporting their husbands & dads....I just think to myself--someday (hopefully soon).

...and of course I am an immensely proud wife.  On to the next adventure--

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  1. I think he looks surprisingly great at that "almost done" picture! I would be crawling at that point for sure! And poor you...I dated a cross country runner for several years and can relate to the standing around and waiting for the one time you see them run past! haha



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