Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PreK says

5 year old girl: "My tummy hurts."
Me: "We are going home very soon (10 minutes). Make sure you tell Mommy when you get home."
5 year old boy: "My mommy says your tummy hurts when you poop is hard."
Me: "....................."

After a crazy first half of our morning it was time for snack. We were having a special extra sugary birthday cupcake snack, when the fire alarm goes off.

Me: "Boys and Girls put everything down and get your coat. We need to quietly walk outside." (or something like that)
Most of the class: "What about my snack? I'm not done with it."
Me: "We will finish it later."
[kids try to put their coats on with cupcakes in hand]
I suppose when emergencies arise, grab the sugar and the sweets!

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