Sunday, August 8, 2010

And we're back!

Finally after 12 days we have internet. What an ordeal. Seriously. A few days before we moved, I sat down with the hubs and we finally figured out what to do about cable and internet. I'm not sure what cable providers are like where you live, but we have one option--otherwise you need to go with a satellite provider. Normally it wouldn't be an issue, and any smart person would just go with the cheaper version. However I have a Philadelphia sports loving husband---that means Comcast.

So we took ALL of the prices and added them all up and found out that if we got DirecTv instead we could save ourselves over $1000. Yes, that is ONE THOUSAND dollars over the course of a year. How awesome is that?

Now that meant we could get a double deal with an internet company, Verizon, and really save money. So we signed up and waited...and waited...and waited. Here's how it went:

  • Day 1: Ordered Online
  • Day 2-4:Waited and started moving
  • Day 4: 1+ hour phone call to find out that our order wasn't complete and our modem wasn't shipped--Got another order submitted
  • Day 5: waited
  • Day 6: waited
  • Day 7: 1+ hour phone call--still no modem--again was never shipped
  • Day 8: waited
  • Day 9: 30 minute phone call to check on order--Shipment on schedule
  • Day 10:arrival of Modem!! HOORAY! Connected and it doesn't work
  • Day 10 cont'd: 1+hour phone call & scheduled technician appt. between 8am & 2pm
  • Day 11: Waited for technician---who never ever showed.
  • Day 11 con't: 1+ hour phone call---no answer, no solution
  • Day 12: cancelled verizon in 15 minutes and signed up for CLEAR
  • Day 13: While enjoying internet through CLEAR, received a call from Verizon that there was still no solution to our problem. (So thankful I am done with them)
Stay tuned--Now that we are back online, I have lots to share and update about the move :)


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